Saturday, December 24, 2011

Super Jail and fire truck

below is a paper and ink fire truck I made. It is a 1914 low slung service ladder truck with the half fold life net on the side.

This is a piece I did for the Adult Swim show at Gallery 1988.


John T. Quinn 3rd said...

Hi Dan,
Nice. Is the Super Jail piece digital?

Merry Christmas.


Dan Thompson said...

Hey John

thanks. The Super Jail piece is digital with scanned stickers and white out for the wolf suit.

Merry Xmas. I forget if you mentioned that you have time off over the holidays? I have not seen new art on your blog. Been busy?

I think I am going to do an old time boxer next. Also been playing around with new BG textures other than paper. It is time to move on a bit. Crayons and other stuff layered is nice.

spenceman said...

I miss you both.

Hobo Divine said...

Sooooooo good!

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