Sunday, December 04, 2011

bear playing the Sousaphone


John T. Quinn 3rd said...

Do you hate when i visit your blog and correct your spelling or some other minor detail? I only do it because i want to say something other than "this is great Dan!" Which it is, of course. Your work is terrific and I enjoy visiting your blog.

The bear is actually playing a Sousaphone. A tuba is played by a guy who is seated in an orchestra but, in a marching band one plays a Sousaphone. Designed to wrap around the players body while still allowing the musician to march. The Sousaphone was created at the behest of John Phillips Sousa (famous marching band guy- "Stars and Stripes Forever" etc).

I hope this is a "fun fact" and not a "pain in the ass fact."

your pal,


ps. see you tomorrow!

Dan Thompson said...

you are the best. That is interesting. I wasn't always a bad speller. My grammar is so bad, I don't even know where commas go.

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

I should have checked my own spelling. It's John Philip Sousa. Not "Phillips."

And Sousaphone sounds funnier than Tuba. Right?

Dan Thompson said...

much funnier.

I am looking forward to that Gary Taxali book. Can you bring it?

I"m in a gallery show at 1988 and the theme is Adult Swim. I am doing Super Jail. Have you seen that show. I have been looking on the AS server and the convict drawings are so good.

Hobo Divine said...

This is beautiful!
I love the stretched notes it makes them feel deep or sustained.

Thank you for sharing!

- Hobo

P.S. I like John T. Quinn III's hair

Dan Thompson said...

thanks Hobo Divine!

Sorry for late response I have been out of town. you are the man.

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