Sunday, April 03, 2011

gallery pieces

I have been invited to contribute to a couple group shows. First image is for the 3B show at Gallery 1988. Beetlejuice is one of the 3 themes. I will post the other 2 soon.
Bottom image is for Gallery Nucleus and the theme is Edward Scissor Hands.


Jewelry said...

my goodness,you are ridiculously talented!i adore your work immensely.

Jewelry said...

Im impressed. I dont think Ive met anyone who knows as much about this subject as you dobrecyc

ridd said...

Wow man. Love both of these very much. The Edward show looks like it has a ton of great pieces

bernardo said...

oh boy!
your backgrounds are AMAZING!
such great style


Tiger In A Jar said...

these are beyond fantastic!

Hobo Divine said...

I love these!!!
So nice I wish these were huge and in my living room!

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